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Second Tuesday; Social Hour @ 6:30; Meeting Starts @ 7:30

Informal Coffee House Fourth Wednesdays @ 7:00

In-person events are suspended. Check your Newsletter or emails for Zoom online meeting details!

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Young Collectors

The WCS encourages participation by all junior collectors who have a sincere interest in the numismatic hobby. The Waterloo Coin Society encourages parents to be actively involved lending their support and educating their children in numismatics, and we are here to help as much as we can. We salute the parents and youth who bring energy, a fresh outlook and enthusiasm to the hobby with many volunteering their time and talents for the benefit of all our members.

Young numismatists, commonly referred to as "YN's" in the hobby, have the opportunity to advance their interest and network with others on a common ground. Come on in and join the fun and excitement of the numismatic hobby, while perhaps learning something about art, economics, geography, history, politics and science in the process!

Start interest in hobby early

Collecting coins from other countries can be fun and challenging for kids (and the rest of your family) who want world coins from different countries to rare coin collecting from exotic places. Several enthusiasts today share how they became interested in numismatics and how they have been encouraged throughout the years. One common theme appears to be that they all started young. The reasons and methods, like the coins themselves, vary from individual to individual. All agree that the support and encouragement of adults helped them along their journey.