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Other W.C.S. Collectibles

35th Anniversary Currency

W.C.S. Souvenir Treasury Notes


In 1994, Waterloo Coin Society produced and issued some 35th Anniversary Currency. Not often seen anymore, they were a hit with club members and collectors at the time with 150 pieces issued. Over the years, other coin clubs and numismatic organizations have produced and issued souvenir banknotes to celebrate various milestones or just to promote their organization. Until 2023, the 35th Anniversary Currency notes were the only such collectibles produced by Waterloo Coin Society.

Waterloo Coin Society Souvenir Treasury Notes are collectible souvenirs issued by the Waterloo Coin Society. Issued notes are redeemable for their face value for any debt owed to the Waterloo Coin Society including membership dues, auction items, door prizes and more, until their expiry date, after which they are no longer redeemable. The notes are in both specimen and issued versions and are signed by the President and Treasurer. Some notes were issued as a pair in commemorative folders.

Series A - Issue of 2023

The Waterloo Coin Society Souvenir Treasury Notes feature artistic elements and images that bridge our club’s history with our local heritage. The beautiful result is presented in a fresh and modern design in both horizontal and vertical layouts. Bruce Raszmann and William English are two of the most influential members in the club. The towers on the back of the notes are symbols of our local area and the heritage of the first pioneers here.

The Library of Parliament represents our club as a Canadian institution and is a symbol of learning, knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge - a key element in our club’s stated purpose. The trillium is the provincial floral emblem of Ontario. A trillium is used on these notes as a symbol of Ontario and the four-petal version is meant to symbolize rarity as this variety is rare to find in nature. In numismatics, rarity is a factor in determining an item’s value, with rare pieces being highly sought after. The National Flag of Canada serves as a further symbol of our Canadian pride.

The colours of burgundy and blue are reminiscent of the colours used by Canadian $2 and $5 banknotes issued by the Bank of Canada, while burgundy is also a colour frequently used by the Waterloo Coin Society.

These Souvenir Treasury Notes are signed by President Anthony J. Verbruggen and Treasurer Brent W.J. Mackie. Designed by Andri Kurniawan, a banknote collector and artist in Ottawa, Ontario.

$2 - Bruce Raszmann

W.C.S. $2 Souvenir Treasury Note, Front
W.C.S. $2 Souvenir Treasury Note, Back

Waterloo Coin Society $2 Souvenir Treasury Note, Series A, Issue of 2023, Specimen

Bruce Raszmann joined the Waterloo Coin Society upon its creation in 1959 and became its second treasurer in 1960. He was soon awarded the honour of Life Member 3. Bruce served with distinction through 2010. Bruce, often lovingly referred to as "Ol’ Moneybags" in the Waterloo Coin Society Newsletter, is credited with decades of sound financial management, laying the foundations for the club to survive for many more years to come. Bruce passed away in 2011.

The reverse of the $2 note depicts the Clock Tower in Victoria Park, Kitchener. This tower originally graced the top of Kitchener’s second City Hall from 1924 through 1973. The clock tower was dismantled and stored for decades before being rebuilt in Victoria Park in 1995. It is a monument and symbol of the city of Kitchener today.

$5 - William English

W.C.S. $5 Souvenir Treasury Note, Front
W.C.S. $5 Souvenir Treasury Note, Back

Waterloo Coin Society $5 Souvenir Treasury Note, Series A, Issue of 2023, Specimen

William (Bill) English is the founder of the Waterloo Coin Society. He served as President from 1959 to 1960 and again in 1970. Bill was honoured early on as Life Member 2. He served the club in several other roles including bulletin editor for many years. Despite eventually moving out of town, Bill kept in touch and followed the club’s activities via the newsletter. Bill was also instrumental in the founding of the Ontario Numismatic Association in 1962 and numerous other coin clubs over the years.

The reverse of the $5 note features the Waterloo Pioneers Memorial Tower in Kitchener. The tower was built in 1926 to commemorate the arrival of the Pennsylvania-German pioneers to the Waterloo region between 1800 and 1803. The tower is a symbol of the German speaking European origin and farming lifestyle of these early settlers. Today it is managed by Parks Canada and is open to visitors.

Purchase Information

You can purchase issued versions of these notes directly from the Waterloo Coin Society by clicking the Order Now link above. $2 notes are sold for $5, and $5 notes are sold for $10. We accept payment by cash, cheque, PayPal or Interac eTransfer. Notes can be picked up at any Waterloo Coin Society in-person meeting or by other arrangement. Notes can also be shipped to you for an additional cost. Lettermail shipping within Canada is free for purchases of $30 or more. Larger orders for dealers and numismatic organizations may qualify for a discount. Contact the Treasurer for more information. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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