Waterloo Coin Society
Proudly serving collectors in the Region of Waterloo and surrounding areas since 1959!


Second Tuesday; Social Hour @ 6:30; Meeting Starts @ 7:30

Informal Coffee House on Zoom Fourth Wednesdays @ 7:00

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Need a Club Contact for Advice?

We are very fortunate to have such a wide range of experienced collectors as members in our club.

We welcome questions on any form of numismatics (i.e. banknotes, coins, trade currency, tokens, medallion, encased, Canadian Tire, wooden currency, medals, challenge coins, numismatic jewellery, shinplasters, etc.).

You have questions? We have answers!

During each of our meetings, we have a segment called Share 'n Learn where members and guests have an opportunity to ask questions. Our monthly Coffee House events are also great opportunities for questions and discussion.

You can also get in touch with one of our expert members, or a member of our Executive Committee listed on our Contact Us page.

Ask An Expert!

Terry CampbellTerry Campbell has been in the coin collecting hobby for almost as long as the Waterloo Coin Society has been around. He has been involved in many endeavours since then including writing a Q&A column. Terry has been a professional coin dealer since 1992 and has been a fixture at coin shows in Southern Ontario ever since. Terry is a life member of the Ontario Numismatic Society and the Canadian Paper Money Society in addition to other numismatic memberships.

If you have a question about your coins, banknotes or other collectible, just click here to send an email to our resident expert, Terry Campbell. Be sure to include as much detail as possible so that Terry can respond to you with a better answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

I found this old coin in my parents attic, is it worth anything?

How should I store banknotes to keep the edges from curling?

Should I clean my coins?

Why does a coin minted only a year apart from another coin sometimes have a higher value?

How do I know which coins to buy and when should I sell?

Why are the signatures on banknotes important in determining value?

Contact our expert listed above or come out to a meeting to learn the answers to these questions!